Diy Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018. | Christmas Joy

Outdoor Christmas Light Tips and Tricks. Hang and Wrap Christmas like a Pro. Written by a Christmas light expert! Hang and store Christmas lights the right way!

What kind of Christmas decorations do you have planned this year? Originally I … Tanya Memme DIY: How to make giant Christmas ornaments for your yard!

Cut a notch in the center of the bowl’s bottom using a craft knife, then push a screw eye into the notch. Step 1: Prep Ornament Top. A plastic bowl makes a great ornament top. Step 2: Paint Ornament Top. Step 3: Add Pebbles to Globe. Step 4: Add String Lights to Globe. Step 5: Add Tape Hinge. DIY Oversized Glowing …

How to Make Your Own Huge Outdoor Christmas Ornaments (Easy video … want to add a special touch to your decor, this DIY craft is for you!

Oversized Ornaments. A red inflatable ball (or a ball and red spray paint) An empty yogurt or sour cream container. Silver spray paint. Wire. Silicone waterproof sealant.