48 The Defining Design Elements Of Luxury Bathrooms

48 the defining design elements of luxury bathrooms 47

Bathrooms have become the status symbols of any home. People want their bathroom to be unique in design and splendid in appearance. Whirl pool baths, luxury showers and Jacuzzi provide the home owner to give the most preferred luxurious look to the bathrooms. Sinks made of marble, granite and designer glass add luxury to any bathroom. Sink area with a lot of counter space is common in luxury bathroom. Stylish bathroom fixtures in chrome, aluminum and brass will definitely enhance the appearance of a bathroom, if matched properly with the other settings of the luxury bathroom. You can either buy the settings of the bathroom separately or you can go for bathroom suites which have complete bathroom sets.

The bathroom suite usually has the toilet, sink, bathroom cabinets for storing towels, medicines and other things according to the personal need. They also include bathtub or shower. A bathroom suite provides completeness to a bathroom, as the settings have correlated look. They are in demand, as one doesn’t have to search for the different objects for bathroom in different stores. They are expensive, but for luxury lovers it is more than worth their money. Bathroom suites are easily available and come in different styles and colors, to suite the interests of the customer.

Another addition to the luxury bathroom is the whirlpool baths. They gained popularity due to the relaxed feeling it can give to the user. The pressure of the water in whirl pool gives hydrotherapy or a massaging effect on the body and can cause complete relaxation to the body and mind of a tired person. Whirl pool baths come in different sizes, some large whirlpool tubs can hold many people and the compact type can be fitted even in the smallest bathroom. Many types of showers are there in the stores which can add value, class and luxury to the bathrooms. Jet showers also provide the massaging effect and soothe the ache of the body after a days work. Walk in shower with many jets and showers with steam system and music playing facilities are available to attract the shower buyers. Steam showers are like luxury spa, it uses a steam generator to convert water into steam. The temperature of the steam can be controlled, according to the wish of the person. Some latest models even have voice activation facilities, apart from the jets and foot massagers.

Beautiful bath tubs add elegance to the bathroom. If you wish a luxurious ambience for your bathroom then Jacuzzi tubs are the best option. The latest addition to the bath tubs are the walk in bath tub. They are made of fiberglass and come in different styles sizes and colors. Most models of the walk in tubs feature whirlpool jets also. Stepping into a standard tub is very difficult for persons with disabilities, walk in bath tubs are more accessible for them. Walk in tubs have health benefits and are good for body and mind. All these reasons are made walk in bath tubs more popular. People are finding it easy to use and are considered as a luxury bathroom items.

Though the tubs, showers, cabinet and sinks add to the luxury of a bathroom, lighting of a bathroom also play a key role in enhancing the luxury look of a bathroom. A bathroom should have lights which are bright enough, to do things like shaving or doing make -ups without causing any inconvenience. Lights should be positioned in such away to avoid shadows. Exposed bulbs are not advisable as they give out harsh light; using frosted or coated bulbs can give enough light without causing inconvenience to the people. Positioning a light above the shower area or the tub area can give dramatic effect to the area.